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Part No. : AM85C30-10JI
Description : Communications Controller
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Therefore, Internet application control, the performance is the key to the gateway of the packet forwarding capability. Users to purchase products, need to look at the equipment, the throughput of data packets. To improve the throughput, there is a also a number of ASIC acceleration of nuclear technology, both unity of purpose and are designed to improve performance. Support multi-core is not difficult, ordinary Linux can support, but without a good control of the parallel multi-core technology, even more nuclear can not be completely play out multi-core hardware advantages. Therefore, it requires multi-core optimizing parallel multi-core CPU control technology to ensure fast and balanced response to different network applications.
Against the threat of common wireless network security technology are the following: multiple wireless access points through the AP to set a different SSID, the wireless station and asked to produce the correct SSID to access the AP, so that you can allow different groups of users access, and resource access rights for different restrictions. But this is just a simple password, all using the network of people know the SSID, very easy to leak, can only provide a lower level of security; it out if you configure AP broadcasting its SSID, then the level of security will decline because Anyone can get this through the tools SSID.

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