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Part No. : AM79R79-2JC
Description : Telecommunication IC
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The high availability of network technology with high confidentiality requirements of the Government and the medical profession is essential. Moreover, it prohibited for fear hackers and file exchange student school also has a special value. Both hardware and software, can not protect the server and database from major disasters such as fire or flood. However, if the network itself is destroyed, the availability of critical data must be maintained and easy to implement recovery, to ensure continuity of business operations. In order to restore the data, the company must distribute the data over multiple sites on the server, such as branch offices or off-site storage site. Image use of network infrastructure will be able to maintain the timeliness of the data for all sites, and no bottlenecks during backup. Despite the off-site storage and disaster recovery site for any business to survive and defeat have different meanings, but for the medical industry is of particular significance. Because in the medical industry, maintaining medical records and the timeliness and availability of images can be said that life and death event. Similarly, the manufacturing company saved by off-site design, order and inventory records, and can avoid costly production delays.
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