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On the latest technology, industry news and trends with a keen ability to capture and grasp; TD Union concluded, TD significance for China, one in China for the first time established a complete industrial chain of mobile communications, the second is the standard for the TD-LTE4G establish the foundation. During the test or launch 4G mobile phone recently, TD Industry Alliance-related official said, after last years large-scale centralized building a network, TD-SCDMA in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities to achieve a comprehensive coverage of ten, can accommodate more than 10 million of 3G users has become the worlds largest single 3G network. At the same time, the industry also revealed, known as the TD-LTE 4G Long Term Evolution program has also made progress, TD vendors will be available by the end of this years TD-LTE test the prototype. Still need to market test the development of TD TD Industry Alliance, said the scale of network technology in 2006 and 2007 application test network technology scale test network construction, driven by Chinas enterprises as the core of the TD industrial chain has been developed, capacity building meet the requirements of large-scale commercial. In the energetic efforts of operators, ten cities were the location of network optimization and the main trunk, TD-SCDMA business experience is very good, video telephony and fast connections such as 3G network features give users a lot of surprises, the market development will bring tremendous business operators benefit. Union concluded TD, TD significance for China, one in China for the first time established a complete industrial chain of mobile communications, the second is for the TD-LTE4G laid the foundation for the establishment of standards. Alliance also claimed: "TD from the network optimization and support of different business, including the terminal fault tolerance, etc., also need to test the commercial phase of testing to further improve." TD industrial chain of the current urgent need to consolidate the market , "its follow-up to lay the foundation for the development of technology and industry, product and capital base." Accelerated into the 4G standard industry sources, TD-SCDMA TD-made in the LTE radio access network upgrade networks main specification is nearing completion, TD TD vendors will be launched at the end of this years tests in the LTE prototype. In the May 22 World Congress, held by Chinas TD-LTE technology by the attention. It said Yang Jiajun, vice president of Datang Mobile, TD-SCDMA evolutionary path can be summarized as: TD basic version, TD enhanced version, TD version of the long-term evolution of TD-LTE, TD of the 4G version. "LTE is not only to make up for the 3GHSPA capacity, delay and other deficiencies, but also protect the future to smoothly increase capacity, and future 4G has good compatibility." 3G products, China Putian, said Yang Xiaojun, director of the Department of Technology. According to Prud
So far, Microsofts antitrust problems mainly with its operating system and server software business related, but it includes Internet search, Web services, many aspects of consumer electronic products are facing competition. Some Microsoft competitors said they will continue to antitrust issues in hot pursuit, which includes not only Vista, but also include other services. European Committee for Interoperable Systems, said Thomas, a lawyer, Microsoft changes Vista last year, "meaningful." Thomas and his colleagues set out a list of issues that still plague ECIS, some of the problems associated with Vista, others with desktop software and server software to have access to, there are some problems with Microsoft in the rich Web application development activities.

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