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Part No. : AM79C974KC
Description : LAN Node Controller
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Hao Chen CAD2010 breakthrough performance bottleneck, will made the existence of CAD software, read and write speed record to a new level; Hao Chen CAD2010 use of intelligent analysis, the first operation to achieve Vlisp compatible, users can achieve load VLX, FAS used utility; Hao Chen CAD2010 after half of the user testing, the new platform rock. By Hao Chen engineers on-site product demonstrations, software compatible platform Tengen users for building support AutoCAD2010 version of file formats, Hao Chen and EXCEL table converter original AutoXlsTable, implement new features such as two-way free conversion expressed great concern.
DIY market more recent concern is the market for overclocking AMD launched Qianyuan Ji cost products - Black Box 5000 +. Which products to overclocking as a selling point, not only do not lock frequency characteristics of the design, and general overclocking up to 3.3GHz or so. The motherboard with on, NF560 chip uses a more advanced 80nm manufacturing process, effectively reducing the power consumption, overclocking ability and more prominent, and in the specifications will be provided on the upcoming AMD AM2 + processors. Recently, the first NVIDIA NF560 tier motherboard maker MSI K9N Neo V3 re-arrival, offer for 699 yuan.

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