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Part No. : AM79C940JC
Description : LAN Node Controller
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d, the system boot process is divided into three stages of events: Read Only Storage Kernel Init Phase: check the board, ROS loaded search bootlist, found after the boot image is read into memory, the system initialization; Base Device Configuration Phase: configure all devices, cfgmgr have mentioned; System Boot Phase: All LV is enabled, paging starts, / etc / inittab file is processed; Power sequence, LED and sound signal: LED test code also contains some meaning. 1, resulting in startup failure: a, man-made causes; b, environmental factors; c, machine malfunctions when we operate on the network or LAN, we often encounter "device busy", and not let us operate. 0514 - 062 Cannot perform the requested function because the specifIEd device is busy. 1. First we make sure the network interface is "down" and "detached". Use the following script files can be "down" and "detach" all TCP / IP network interface. Interfaces = `lsdev-Cc if-F name | grep-v lo0 `
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