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Part No. : AM79C301BJC
Description : Optoelectronic
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Note DB2/400 Chinese input problem in the string, in order to enter the Chinese language in the DB2/400 SQL to create this table, where the CCSID 935, on behalf of Simplified Chinese. And the same Oracle database, DB2 database, which is through the optimizer to analyze your SQL, build it that the best execution plan. DB2 optimizer is actually a standard set of rules, in general, as long as we tell DB2 what to retrieve, not how to retrieve. Then the DB2 optimizer to determine what SQL is based on the optimal access path? DB2 optimizer is cost-based optimizer, which is the CBO. That will be applied DB2 query optimizer cost formula, the formula for each possible access path to evaluate and weigh four factors: CPU cost, I / O cost, DB2 system catalog statistics and the actual SQL statement.

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