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Part No. : AM7985AJC/10
Description : Optoelectronic
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This allows users to access that usually only the user can access their own ownership of files and directories. With many of the executable program must be running in as root, sys, bin this kind of work environment. Setuid permit the location of the owner of the executable display an "s". Note: If capital letter "S" appears when it is open and that setuid executable state "x" is closed or rejected status. Root user and owner can use the chmod command and set the setuid 8 hexadecimal value 4000 in a executable file on the license. chmod 4555 executable_file setgid setuid permission and the permission is in addition to the user or process similar to the effective GID set to change the file owner belongs. Similarly, the visit is to obtain a license based on the assigned group. Setgid permit the location of the executable in the group display a "s". Note: If lowercase letter "l" appears, it represents a setgid executable is the way open and is closed or rejected. This directive represents the time when access to documents and records are to be occupied by force the lock.
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