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Part No. : AM7950DC
Description : Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
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In these solutions, with the side did not look outside at the product level, but actively cooperate with other companies both inside and outside the industry to integrate more resources for rural users to tailor the one-step solution. This approach is not only a way to promote product innovation, but also a customer service model innovation, especially in rural areas for the majority of users under the premise of the significance of this innovation is even more important. The first half, with the side to cooperate with Beijing Netcom, Beijing-oriented suburban areas of 10 users, launched a "computer + broadband + winds to help rural network" as the core of the overall solution. Through this solution, users not only access to the economic and practical application of simple products, but also from the "Wings to help rural network" on access to a wealth of practical agricultural technology, skills training and market information, and other information services, the real from the enhance the degree of information to get the actual benefits.
The share based intrusion detection and intrusion prevention products is not, it focused on protection, looks like we are familiar with firewall products. Of course, traditional intrusion prevention and firewall is also not the same place: the firewall rules to allow packets with certain characteristics through, such as the TCP 80 port packet in front of Web services, is to be allowed to pass through; and intrusion prevention Contrary to the rules, not allowed to possess certain characteristics of packets, one packet of data has been identified as carrying overflow attacks, it will be rejected by. Of course, there is a saying that the firewall is concerned that the session layer below the network data, and intrusion prevention is concerned about the session layer - application layer data. A certain technology-based friends will soon see the above question, "Wait a minute, this is simply not a problem, I can do for those who comply with certain rules only and do not have some features of the data through." "As for the firewall does not care about the data above the session layer, which is more simple, no matter what the reasons are not because of previous concerns, now is also analyzed and, as long as the performance will follow, no technical difficulties."

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