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Description : Optoelectronic
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2005 the State Council Information Office issued a "Disaster Recovery Guide for important information systems." November 2007, it officially became a disaster, system construction of China national standard, that is, GB / T 20988-2007 "Specification for information systems disaster recovery." The specification of the disaster recovery division were 6 levels. According to its description, the higher-level representatives of the disaster recovery disaster, the loss of the smaller companies. When you reach level 6, the enterprise will not be any loss of important data. So, not all companies are required to implement six of the disaster recovery level? Clearly not. Because this will cause the enterprise system construction and operation and maintenance costs will be greatly increased, the general business unbearable.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., said Vice President Laura Yecies: speed is of any corporate network security architecture an important factor, especially when the network access to the application layer attack is crucial. Assessment, with CoreXLs VPN-1 running on Quad-Core Intel Xeon 7300 series processors, ASIC architecture provides solutions can not match the superior processing power, scalability, and reliability. We Caneland four-socket platform for Check Point in the early test results achieved 3.1 Gbps, dual-socket platform, the performance of previous evaluation results of 68%. Check Point run on a strictly protected the document, is a SmartDefense integrated intrusion prevention for the whole hybrid test conducted. With higher speeds, the number of GB companies can achieve the detection level of data center traffic, and the continuing evolution of threats against the more self-protection.

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