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Part No. : AM79489-2JC
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Manufacturer : Advanced Micro Devices
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3 to solve the tunnel routing technology support, enterprise network environment is likely not a simple star network, there must be routing technology support to adapt to the needs of different users. 4 provides QoS support for the tunnel, the tunnel-based QoS can be guaranteed, can provide protection for business critical data for business operators to ensure diversity. 5 dynamic IP address of the tunnel in case of establishment of enterprise customers is likely to be ADSL IP addresses dynamically allocated, so the goal of using common IP address of the tunnel can not be established method of operation, so operators can provide DDNS dynamic IP addresses to ensure tunnel establishment.
On the complex network environment and emerging computer viruses, virus protection program and a one-time installation can not continue to prevent the emergence of new viruses, you should run the latest anti-virus system, installation of virus protection programs need to constantly update, upgrade. Mainly rely on antivirus software updated anti-virus software companies, generally providing online online auto update. A good program should not only network security including firewall, intrusion detection systems, should also have the right to use and proper maintenance. Typically, many application software, system programs are always in the application process will continue to find new vulnerabilities or security risks, software development companies on this announcement, issued the corresponding patch, its small business and personal computers used by the relatively complex system maintenance is useful. However, in the large system before the patch applied, must detail, in case the system in conflict with other programs running.

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