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Part No. : AM7901BJC
Description : Optoelectronic
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Auto EcoView sensor to detect ambient light and screen brightness to the ideal state optimization. 100% in the brightness of the display is the default state, the power consumption of 41 watts, but when you open the Auto EcoView, EV2333W can improve the operating efficiency of 39%, only 25 watts. To enhance the user work environment in the process of awareness and protection of the eyes, the display can be displayed on the screen with an energy level will be set with the brightness of the display associated with the index - EcoView index system. Although off the power, the display will consume the majority of the market power, but FlexScan EV2333W to ensure the main power off completely after the power to achieve. For commercial users, this will ensure the monitor in their spare time and weekends will not consume any electricity, reduce expenses. Need to use multiple monitors in commercial establishments, EIZOs EcoView NET power management software lets administrators monitor the network to the central set, which can help reduce power consumption and reduce carbon emissions.
Edit Comment: 2.2GHz frequency, the game superior performance, 65W-nanometer manufacturing process, to support high-definition video playback and smooth running vista operating system and so is the highlight of this processor, called for such a poor Ferrari products, is certainly worth a . Currently Intel Pentium dual-core E has made the necessary improvements family of processors, can also be seen by the processor on the back of more sophisticated materials, reflected the effect of C1E sleep mode power consumption dropped from the original 12W 8W, then the average less power consumption to 19W, bringing a more comfortable user experience. Now with M0 stepping E2180 Pentium dual-core processors in bulk directly from the 615 yuan fell to 595 yuan for the first time below 600 points, bringing a higher price. With the lower power demand and energy consumption, Pentium Dual-Core E2180 processor with excellent overclocking capabilities, if not overclocking, its own high-frequency 2GHz and fully meet the daily needs of most of the work, it is entirely thanks to Core micro-architecture with the most outstanding core performance. Products using PLGA package, 65-nanometer process technology, the working voltage of 1.25V. The actual frequency of 2.0GHz, FSB 200MHz, multiplier of 10, shared L2 cache as 1MB, FSB 800MHz, support MMX/SSE/SSE2/SSE3/Sup-SSE3/EM64T instruction set.

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