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Manufacturer : Advanced Micro Devices
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Jha reiterated that the final version of Exchange 2010 should be completed later this year. He said: "I am very satisfied with the progress so far. We will definitely be ready this year." Half of the current Microsoft Mail users have adopted new Exchange. Microsoft on Tuesday asked the Court of Appeal to suspend the implementation of an injunction, the injunction may not be sold to force Microsoft Word version currently available. A judge last week issued a restraining order, ordered the company may not sell the current version of the existing Word, because it contains a custom XML functions have been violated by the jury found the Canadian Manufacturers I4i software patents. At that time the court ruled that the injunction will be effective 60 days after. Emergency motion on Tuesday, Microsoft asked the Court of Appeal to suspend the injunction and hearing of this appeal as soon as possible. Microsoft said it has begun removing some of the patent infringement I4i, but if not, the company in the United States will inevitably be forced to stop selling Word. Microsoft submitted the motion in the Court of Appeal stressed that "the company has links into the huge human and financial resources, be sure the statutory 60 days to try to meet before the deadline requirements of the verdict."

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