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Part No. : AM27S191DC
Description : Optoelectronic
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JP1/AJS3 GUI through simple and flexible framework for cross-platform operating complex automated management of IT for efficient operation and maintenance tools. In response to increasingly complex IT environment and the rapid increase in the scale of operations, JP1/AJS3 using cluster response, high-volume job processing efficiency and reliability have been greatly improved. At the same time also have excellent handling cluster scalability, when the amount of surge operations, they should be able to maintain the handling performance. JP1/AJS3 more simple and intuitive job scheduling, job definition is simpler, more flexible job execution, job monitoring and more intuitive. JP1/AJS3 operation with a simple menu operation definition. Function menu can follow the operators role and authority for self-definition and classification, thereby leading to management / development / operation personnel need only use the menu, their duties and put an end to independent operation; corresponding, detailed definitions of operations interface and users can also change the responsibility and authority for the corresponding input item, the item will be limited to, the operator simply enter their own for the project. This improvement simplifies the definition of complex business systems operations.
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