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Part No. : AK4586VQ
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Manufacturer : Asahi Kasei Microsystems
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Beijing Science and Technology Corporation under the British grams Yunnanbaiyao business requirements, PM3 system through management consulting, implementation and maintenance of standardized, tailor-made for the Yunnanbaiyao a logistics information technology solutions, so that the core sector of the information flow, logistics, capital flow knowledge flow parallel processing, eliminating the information silos to achieve integrated management. All logistics center first by region, product type, customer type of business segments, were funded by the branch, and out of the establishment of the Office of Logistics Management, is responsible for the development of procurement plans, procurement of goods, the goods of the logistics center deployment, storage and transport resources rational planning and deployment. Procurement of all goods logistics center in principle, harmonization of procurement by the Office of Logistics Management, but for individual species can be purchase separately by the various logistics center, logistics center of each separate product costing, for the deployment of the various branches, or between the various branches under the existing sale and purchase settlement of accounts.
Free Software Foundation hopes to use the opportunity to modify the GPL license agreement limits the role of this transaction to prevent other manufacturers similar deal. This is very interesting, because FSF is not synonymous with the open source community, although many media reports have confused these two. FSF more to do with religion, it is called proprietary software is unethical, the patent referred to is the devil, known as digital rights management system is an unacceptable infringement of freedom, called intellectual property market undesirable. Microsoft and Novell were not related with religion, they are part of the business world. In this world, there is a very important rule: customer is God, because they control the market. From this perspective, the two companies trading under the control of a simple rule: The customer needs to provide the convenience of the transaction. Customers need to open source and proprietary source software interoperability in heterogeneous environments ━ ━ these two types of software to run without the customer integration. This means that open source and proprietary code, vendors have to create a structure to enable them to jointly develop solutions that meet customer needs, who can not separate the two to meet customer demand; customers do not want to be trapped due to intellectual property issues legal quagmire.

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