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From a statistical theory, which is a high variance in the "multiple comparisons" category, which involves the mathematical derivation of the principle than the average variance analysis is more complex. Here I do not want to obscure the theory from the perspective of more elaborate, but by a novel visual approach - comparing ring maps, vividly described to us the practical application of multiple comparisons. Figure IV shows, in the analysis of variance in the data distribution for each sub-group of a ring that can be used, when the intersection of the two ring when the angle is greater than 90 degrees, indicating that the two sub-groups there was no significant difference; when the two a circular intersection angle equal to 90 degrees, indicating the existence of two sub-groups significant differences in the edge of the state, similar to hypothesis testing in the P = 0.05; when the angle between two intersecting ring less than 90 degrees, or no intersection when the two sub-groups showed significant differences.
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