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ADSP-TS201SABP-060 Datasheet | Analog Devices
Part No. : ADSP-TS201SABP-060
Description : TigerSHARC-R Embedded Processor
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Page Number : 48
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
File Size : 1643 Kb

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C_ACK = C_SEQ = C_ACK + C_WIND S_ACK = S_SEQ = S_ACK + S_WIND If the logic does not meet the above, it will come out of a "fatal weaknesses", For details, please read on. According to TCP / IP in the provision, use the TCP protocol for communication need to provide two serial numbers, TCP protocol used to connect these two serial numbers to ensure synchronization and secure communications, the system TCP / IP protocol stack based on the time or the generation of these linear value. In the communication process, both the serial number are interdependent, which is why, said TCP protocol is reliable transport protocol. If an attacker hijacking the conversation at this time, the result is certainly fail, because the session the two sides "do not know" the attacker, the attacker can not provide legal serial number; Therefore, session hijacking is the key to predict the correct serial number, an attacker can sniffer technology to access such information.
Overclocked to 800MHz/1300MHz frequency easily break 9000 points 3DMark05 Score crazy diamond version using laser HD2600PRO ATI RV630 core in the main terminal, and the 2600XT core, same as built-in 120 stream processors, 8 ROPS, hardware support for DirectX10, Shader Model 4.0. Advanced 65nm process technology to significantly reduce the core power consumption, less heat, allowing a higher operating frequency. The card default core frequency 600MHz, in full compliance with the provisions of the public version 2600PRO, and super easy to 800MHz, overclocking potential is considerable. 499 yuan in value even with high-speed 2600PRO 256M DDR3 memory, only the mad MAXSUN HD2600PRO Diamond Edition This is a compact, equipped with four DDR3 memory particles from the famous factory hynix, composed 256M/128bit specifications, memory speed 2.0ns, the frequency set to 1000MHz. And compared to DDR2 memory, DDR3 lower voltage, electrical better performance, more power, able to work under the higher frequencies.

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