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Part No. : ADS7881IPFBT
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Page Number : 26
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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L2TP focused on narrowband dial-up past agreements. By reducing the cost and the related processing tasks, so L2TPv3 can run through the L2TP router higher speed devices such extends the L2TP protocol. It also adds some important new features, such as the session and tunnel ID space from 16 bits to 32 bits, so the number of the tunnel soared to 65,000 by the 4 billion or more. In L2TPv3 environment, connected to the customer network physical interface into a tunnel entrance / exit interface. Therefore, the transport stream having been transmitted to the tunnel provider router. When a packet arrives interface, they are encapsulated and forwarded directly to the remote end of the tunnel. Upon receiving the data packet and remove packages, if the tunnel is identified as recognized by the router, then the original packet can be forwarded to the output interface. If the tunnel ID is not recognized by the router, the data packet is discarded.
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