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ADS7805PB Datasheet | Burr-Brown Corporation
Part No. : ADS7805PB
Description : 16-Bit 10ms Sampling CMOS ANALOG-to-DIGITAL CONVERTER
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Burr-Brown Corporation
File Size : 135 Kb

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2.0-inch QVGA external screen machine not only support the touch-sensitive operation, the chemical reinforcement of the glass material with better resistance to scratching ability. With Motorolas breakthrough "sensing" technology that can combine with the virtual music keys, allows the easy control of music playback, can have access to vibration feedback. Has always been ultra-thin mobile phone standby time is a major shortcoming, in order to ensure the RAZR2 V8 has a powerful multimedia features in the case or has a good use of time, the Motorola V8, the external screen as a piece of double-sided use of Sharps LCD screen, share a backlight, which not only further reduce the thickness of the fuselage, but also to the power saving purposes. V8 intelligent use of Linux operating system and the AMR11 with 500MHz processor speed to provide smoother operation. The built-in 420M of large memory space, the other aircraft owned 200 million pixel camera and supports video recording 120 minutes and supports the continued suspension of recording function. With the built-in Windows Media Player 11 player, compatible with multiple formats of multimedia files, data transmission provides a Bluetooth and data cable two ways.

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