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Part No. : ADP3309ART-3-REEL7
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : ETC
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Another conclusion is that: from the product line comparison, Oracle though the smallest, but it seems to be quite wide, there is something there, compare the following: ERP, HR management, financial applications software, Oracle acquisition position in the industry to solve The problem is not entirely in the financial condition, but not entirely depends on the product line, is that the ecological environment. For the Oracle company, is one of the original partners, SUN, SUN if bought after, HP servers and Oracles cooperation will not be a problem? HP brings each years list 0racle, can acquire SUN than later than the large? Worthy of study, most likely HP will abandon cooperation with Oracle, and Sybase contract, or simply bought the Sybase, so IT Industry world was moving towards a closed industrial system, from the subdivision to the integration, that the bankruptcy of open systems.

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