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With the development of multimedia communication technology, especially the integration of unified communications, or communications technology, SIP-based communication systems will dominate future multimedia communication applications, integrated set of characteristics of end products, high-definition digital TV, IPTV, broadband access terminal , mobile multimedia terminal, entertainment game consoles, mobile TV, routers, home gateway and other end products, or one of the machines will be spread faster. HD video, especially the 1080P resolution of the end product will be the main application.
Nokia China announced the successful completion of several operators on Asias first Multimedia Messaging Service GPRS network roaming and interconnection. The transmission of multimedia information in Beijing last month and Hong Kong CSL Limited and Mobile Fujian Mobile and Hong Kong CSL Limited carried out between the different operators to demonstrate interoperability between. The first three operators using the built-in digital camera MMS mobile phone - Nokia 7650, Nokia multimedia information through the infrastructure solutions to achieve the GPRS network between the multimedia messaging. Nokia MMS from early this year for the development in China with Chinese operators began a close cooperation. Application of Hong Kong CSL Limited launched the Nokia MMS solution for Asias first Multimedia Messaging Service. In China, for the purpose of interoperability and roaming test, Chinas three operators of the platform in April for the implementation and testing, and successfully achieved end of April to send multimedia information.

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