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Part No. : ADM8511
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Page Number : 57
Manufacturer : ETC
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ADM8511 Article About

Seagate 7200.12 500GB hard disk read test pattern green onions to the Seagate hard disk, this machine immediately after the Ghost of a Vista operating system, the Ghosts speed about two minutes, so very pleased with the speed to green onions, only think of these things is not done test the performance of this drive, although the test is not the same as the operating system, but Vista accounted for more resources to get the data should be lower than the number of XP systems. But even if this is the case, Seagate 7200.12s performance is still very contrary to the expected green onions, with an average read speed of 107.7MB / s. This hard disk cache is 16M, in addition to a single platter capacity different from the West should be said that he is closer to the number of the hard drive, but actually the speed of the hard drive Seagate Western Digital more than 20% of the hard drive performance!
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