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Part No. : ADM811TART-REEL7
Description : Analog IC
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Sunflowers sunflowers 8400GS/512M/DDR2 arrival 8400GS/512M/DDR2 workmanship, this card uses a large board design, sunflowers 8400GS/512M/DDR2 core and memory using a separate power supply scheme, to ensure graphics for a long time stable operation. Heat, the sunflowers 8400GS/512M/DDR2 using heat sink design provides the use of zero-noise environment. Memory side, the graphics card equipped with Samsung 2.5ns GDDR2 memory particles, formed 512MB/64bit capacity memory specifications, the graphics card default frequency is 500/700MHz. Output, sunflowers 8400GS/512M/DDR2 provides the full interface card designed to meet the public users needs. Edit Comment: Sunflower 8400GS/512M/DDR2 price a little expensive, but the graphics card silent fan design, and support for 512MB of video memory capacity is the character which, for the public users to buy.

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