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ADM706PAR Datasheet | Analog Devices
Part No. : ADM706PAR
Description : +3 V, Voltage Monitoring uP Supervisory Circuits
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
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A maximum IP datagram 64K, the ready to receive an IP packet, NIDS will be ready enough memory to accommodate the upcoming follow-up patch, NIDS can be a performance parameter is the largest reorganization of the length of IP datagram . Combination of the above three parameters, namely, within the timeout period NIDS can also prepare for the maximum number of IP datagrams restructuring. If the NIDS received data packets over the limit, NIDS have packet loss, which occurred in DoS attacks. IP packet fragmentation in the reorganization of the time, if you encounter the words of overlapping fragments, each of the operating system is not the same approach, for example, some systems will be used first before the patch, and some will be received after the fragmentation used, If the overlapping fragments of the data is not the same, and NIDS approach different from the protected host, it will lead to NIDS packet after the reorganization of the host to be protected inconsistent data packets to bypass the detection NIDS.
Memory aspects of Qimonda 1.4nsGDDR3 equipped with a high-speed memory particles, constitute 256MB/128bit memory specifications, the default core memory frequency 540/1400MHz, with 80nm core process, 1.4ns memory, the card memory frequency up to to 1700MHz over the level of strong performance. High-end graphics card interface part of the common use of dual-DVI + TV-OUT video interface to support high-definition HDTV digital video standards. I Introduction: As the first non-public version 8600GT graphics card, 8600GT Diamond Edition work MAXSUN relatively solid performance full, with good overclocking potential.

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