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Part No. : ADM485ANZ
Description : Analog IC
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It can be predicted, based on software radio for mobile communications will have the following characteristics: the same hardware platform is not compatible with the system; with automatic roaming capabilities, able to intelligently switch between different systems; can download the utility software and to upgrade its own; support voice, data, images and faxes, and other business, and according to the wireless industry is the coexistence of multiple standards bureau network, the work of different standards in different frequency bands, for the same modulation, resulting in interoperability between systems is difficult. WLAN mobility is poor, and software radio is one of the most promising technologies to address these issues. Development of software radio is a fully programmable hardware platforms, all applications software on the platform through the programming. In other words, different systems of base stations and mobile terminals are built on the same hardware can be based on different software. The technology will be able to ensure a variety of mobile units, seamless integration between mobile devices and greatly reduce the construction costs.
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