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ADG508ATQ Datasheet | Analog Devices
Part No. : ADG508ATQ
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
File Size : 305 Kb

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datetime and smalldatetime datetime: From 1 January 1753 to December 31, 9999 the date and time data, accurate to three seconds per cent. smalldatetime: From January 1, 1900 to June 6, 2079 the date and time data, accurate to the minute. bitint, int, smallint, tinyint, and bit bigint: from -2 ^ 63 to 2 ^ 63-1 integer data. int: from -2 ^ 31 to 2 ^ 31-1 integer data. smallint: from -2 ^ 15 to 2 ^ 15-1 integer data. tinyint: from 0 to 255 integer data. These two data types are equivalent. Has two parameters: p and s. p specify the decimal point left and right can store the maximum number of decimal digits, p must be from a value between 1 to 38. s specify the right of the decimal can be stored the maximum number of decimal digits, s must be between from 0 to p value, the default number of decimal places is 0.
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