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Part No. : ADC0848BCN
Description : 8-Bit uP Compatible A/D Converters with Multiplexer Options
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Page Number : 20
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
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In the figure above, is a HP C7000 chassis. Please note that the rightmost slot. We are placed in a rack 4 half-height blade servers. It formed a 4 rack unit. The left side of the rack, we have a full height blade servers, close to the bottom of a half-height blade servers, the top right there is a spare unit. This group also set up a server rack unit: full-height slot and its location adjacent to the slot has the same chassis settings. This means that I can install two full-height blade servers, or a full-height and two half-height servers. However, if I use two half-height blades, assuming that the bottom half pulled blade on it half-height blade servers that will fall off! Therefore, users install and configure the blade server to make sure to pay attention to this point. When deciding to use the full height blades, you must understand that if only one, then close it above the half-height slots will be wasted. Or, if the above without first removing that server, do not you ever pull on the bottom of the blade!

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