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Part No. : AD9952YSVZ
Description : High Speed 6-Bit A/D Converter
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
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The third is "off and all the host of the TCP / IP connection" management style, the way will force the workstation to prohibit any other LAN workstations to establish TCP / IP connection. Process in the management of local area network, IP addresses often appear the phenomenon of conflict; To avoid this phenomenon, many people have adopted the IP address and MAC address of each network adapter binding way, to restrict the user free to modify the IP address. But if each workstation on the LAN to bind each address, then obviously a great amount of work; this Netrobocop program specifically to provide you with the bulk binding feature that allows you to quickly complete more than one IP address tied to the workstation given task. The need for multiple workstations in the IP address binding, can first open the main program interface, "User List" tab, and then using Ctrl key to select more than one workstation needs address binding, and right-click the selected workstation, the shortcut from the pop-up menu in Figure 2, the implementation of "Mac-IP binding" command, in the resulting settings window, set the same target workstations for these permissions on it.
Just saw the two product packaging, the first impression is the "big", open the inspection only to find that they not only "big", but also incredibly "heavy"! Take the case of Caesar, the empty containers are not lighter than a lot of machine! Lets look at the appearance of Caesar chassis, top and side panels were tested in black, transparent acrylic panel material covering the silver panel + black metal mesh of the match, although not with the left panel of transparent nowadays very popular design, but a large area with black metal mesh, dazzle, like colorful lights to meet the effects of the pursuit of friend requests.

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