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AD9883AKSTZ-140 Datasheet | Analog Devices
Part No. : AD9883AKSTZ-140
Description : 110 MSPS/140 MSPS Analog Interface for Flat Panel Displays
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Page Number : 28
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
File Size : 230 Kb

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658 Freelander body size 120 75 16.5 mm, the design uses a combination of black and white color, slightly heavy, the corners of the arc design is bring some intimacy. Screen with 3.5 inch screen, 280 220 resolution. Right of the screen control buttons designed for a rich, in addition to the direction of the navigation keys, but also has a menu, audio in and out of key, easy to use. Freelander 658 with 20-channel SiRF Star III high sensitivity chip on behalf of, the back has a rotating antenna to ensure that the signal is relatively weak in the area still receives a satellite signal, the positioning accuracy up to 15 meters. Equipped with the latest navigation Kay Rucker 3.0 navigation software, than the previous version of the map in terms of more abundant resources, the operation is also more humane.

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