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AD7512DITQ Datasheet | Analog Devices
Part No. : AD7512DITQ
Description : Protected Analog Switches
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
File Size : 2501 Kb

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HIDS applications, much more complex than NIDS. Because unlike the NIDS HIDS has many of the technical indicators to the data, but also the host to be monitored to install the probe, making the applications have some concerns about it. So for the relatively high stability of the system in some industries such as banking, telecommunications, its application, are very cautious. As for defense, military, security and other confidential areas of the systems security, especially information security requirements are relatively high, and the stability of the system is not too sensitive, and more concerned about attacks from within, so the comparison of the application of HIDS easy to accept, but not very valued NIDS. In fact, Chinas HIDS market, mainly in these areas.
The Elite 8600GTS G84 based on the latest NVIDIA graphics core, based on the 80nm manufacturing process, it uses the DirectX 10 unified shader architecture specification, without the traditional concept of pipelines, unified as a single unit Steaming-Prozessoren. 8600GTS 32 Steaming-Prozessoren built processing unit, fully supports the new DirectX 10 and Shader Moder 4.0 technology. Work, the Elite 8600GTS fully adopted the public version of the design, the 8600GTS is the first version has not shrunk, the quality is completely trustworthy. Supply part of the graphics core used in two-phase power supply and the way individual memory, the degree of luxury than the 7900GS. Memory, the Elite 8600GTS with Samsung 1ns GDDR3 memory particles, specifications than the 8800GTS, memory specifications for mainstream graphics 256MB/128Bit. 8600GTS graphics core / memory default frequency 675/2016MHz, the default rate for mainstream graphics card to a new level.

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