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Description : Fuse
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"Taobao world" will constantly strive to explore co-operation and online newspaper network into graphic with the new model line, and press around the marriage of e-commerce cluster composed of newspaper, online and offline marketing to open a second front. Newspaper coverage of the cluster using e-commerce advantages extend the network to the consumer line from the line, so consumers are interested in the media, print media to see the product, the product can easily get under the Amoy code, so that media- audiences can also enjoy the fun of Taobao, activate the new "wash rice." "Interactive, extension, online + offline." This will undoubtedly become a combination of traditional media and Internet keywords. "Taobao world" just taken the first step of cooperation in the newspaper on the road network there are many way to go. But as the success of traditional media and the Internet model, we have reason to believe that the network and the media that gets closer, more commissure, there are more people to "wash rice" in the ranks.
The establishment of the two group companies, is the deepening of telecom reform in China to meet WTO requirements, respond to the rapid development of information technology in the 21st century brings new challenges, a major move, marking Chinas telecommunications reform in the previous stage has made on the basis of new breakthroughs, the basic overall strategic restructuring complete, fair and effective competition for the formation and accelerate the development of communications, promoting national economic and social information has important and far-reaching significance. State Council is very concerned about the reform and development of communications, specifically on Vice Premier Wus establishment of the two groups made important instructions, made fervent hope. Just now, the Central Organization Department and Vice Minister Xiao-group representatives of the central leadership announced and delivered an important speech on team building and leadership cadres put forward specific demands. We should conscientiously implement the central decisions and requirements, and strive to do better.

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