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With the garment industry, the rapid development of information and in-depth building, the use of advanced IT equipment to enhance the business processing capabilities clothing stores and service quality, has become a trend. Clothing chain printing needs more because of high demand printing solutions, output stability, high efficiency is the primary factor, print quality, good after-sales service is a necessary demand for the apparel industry. The introduction of the mini by the end of March Epson printer paper TM-T81, is a chain of retail and other industries should create demand for high-speed thermal receipt printer. Here let us come near one of its first users Bestseller Fashion Co., Ltd., look to play TM-T81 Epson Micro how to solve their demanding printing needs. Bestseller Fashion is one of Europes largest Bestseller Fashion Groups wholly owned subsidiary in China, mainly engaged in ONLY, Jack Jones and Vero Moda three major brands, since its inception in 1996, developed very rapidly and now has more than 3,000 stores nationwide . Bestsellers so many fashion stores, a busy business day, small ticket, print the invoice amount is large, and thus how to choose a stable and efficient printing system solutions, to ensure smooth operations, reasonable cost, to become the fashion in front of a Bestseller challenging task.
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