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AD534TH Datasheet | Analog Devices
Part No. : AD534TH
Description : Internally Trimmed Precision IC Multiplier
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
File Size : 159 Kb

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This card uses NV G84 series GPU, based on DirectX10 under the unified shader architecture with 32 Stream ProCESsor, supports the latest Shader Model 4.0, and FP16 HDR + MSAA effects, the card also supports the Quantum Effect physics acceleration, through this technology, GPU can perform many of the physical computing, without having to take up CPU resources. GPU technology built into the second generation PureVideo HD, capable of extracting hard to achieve the perfect high-definition video, improve the film quality and reduce CPU utilization. Memory, the use of Qimonda 2.0ns-DDR2 memory particles, composed of a total of eight 512M/128bit the memory specifications; core / memory frequency of 540/1000Mhz. Interface, a fully compatible terminals + VGA + DVI S combination of the interface is now the mainstream configuration. GF8 8600GT graphics card is the latest in NV in the main terminal, the current MSI 8600GT graphics card from the front line - MSI 8600GT-TD256E Blizzard Knight has kept the price down, merchants latest offer 859 yuan, 999 yuan compared to the price before the drop 100 yuan range.

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