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Part No. : AD237JR
Description : Transceiver
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IDS is now mainstream products are used entirely rule-based or rule-based and anomaly-based detection methods combined. If the vendor allows the user to view or customize the IDS rule set, then we can know from this side of the general idea of the actual capability of IDS probe, because the IDS rules to provide a description of the detection methods and options for a direct reflection of IDS probe content and methods of detection support capabilities. Below we analyze several open the IDS products, rule sets, rule definition, which to a certain extent, evaluation of IDS probe detection. Snort is the most famous open source IDS system, its rule set [2] are generally classified by application layer protocol. Rules text file, such as denial of service attacks dos.rules file storage class rules; ftp.rules document storage FTP service-related rules; telnet.rules FTP file storage service-related rules. Each line in the rules file to define a attack detection, the following example:
Dolby Digital 2/5.1ch recording device input and output audio / video output, COMPONENT OUT jacks, HDMI OUT jack, headphone jack, MIC input jack, REMOTE jack can be said that almost all current high-end features with SR8E, maintain its flagship location at the same time, the price has dropped to a lower price. For high-resolution monitor or flat panel TV user, the use of high-definition hard drive video camera is then easy enough. Although the AVCHD format to be further spread, but we can foresee the good from Sony, Panasonic, Canon and other manufacturers to join the AVCHD line broad coalition prospects.

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