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Part No. : AD22003BP
Description : Fuse
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The EMP-822 3LCD still using a mature technology, the recently projected, application optimization and global provider of secure access Array Networks solutions in China, released its latest AppVelocity3500 application switch, the product is following the Site2Site Array Networks Point to Point VPN after the design for the Chinese market has a high-performance load balancing products. Load balancing with the original Array TMX Series is the biggest difference AppVelocity 3500 is a four-to seven-layer switches and two switch-in-one, designed to support up to 24 ports, the biggest can be expanded to 30, complete large enterprises to meet the multi-application system support, and to enhance the application systems to ensure availability, scalability and manageability.
There are two twisted-pair STP and UTP. STP twisted-pair separation within a layer of metal film, the data transmission can be reduced electromagnetic interference, so it has higher stability. And UTP do not have metal layer within the film, so its less stable, but its advantage is cheap. STP which is divided into three classes and two Category 5 cable, UTP is divided into three classes / 4 classes / 5 Class / Super Class 5 / 6 class of several, mainly using general network Category 5 twisted-pair, Category 5 twisted pair of thick rubber outer protection, rubber marked "CAT5" word. Super Category 5 twisted pair is unshielded twisted pair, category 5 twisted-pair comparison with the ordinary, super-5 twisted pair transmission signal attenuation in the smaller, stronger anti-interference ability, in the 100M network, user equipment disturbance of ordinary Category 5 cable is only 1 / 4, its application is currently the mainstream.

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