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AD215BY Datasheet | Analog Devices
Part No. : AD215BY
Description : 120 kHz Bandwidth, Low Distortion, Isolation Amplifier
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Analog Devices
File Size : 235 Kb

AD215BY Article About

Bus test for the military is another important issue. Spin polar air bus company Blue Ocean, senior technical manager, Mr. Man, entitled "military bus simulation testing and remote testing technology," the theme of the report explores in depth the use of environment in the new military-bus test solutions, and to test the effectiveness of RT as an example in-depth analysis, and the rotating pole test as the industry leader in professional bus, such as satellite launch center in a poor environment and test environment, so high-risk remote testing needs bus, how to meet the test requirements for all-round test.
TD-SCDMA system is a 3G mobile communication system, the operating frequency of about 1880MHz to 2300MHz, according to communication frequency radiation, the worse the higher the frequency characteristics of the radiation, in theory, TD-SCDMA system electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic radiation should be less than the GSM system . However, TD-SCDMA uses a smart antenna, the antenna size is about twice the previous 2G antenna. According to the survey, due to smart antenna size increases so easy to form a new public fear and panic. The public generally believes that the increase in antenna size will inevitably bring about the increase of transmission power, it will lead to the increase of electromagnetic radiation. A similar concern for the public, communications equipment manufacturers and operators, and environmental protection departments have given a large degree of understanding.

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