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Part No. : AC101TF
Description : Optoelectronic
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There are more than three similar pilot signal strength, and Ec / Io is greater than-12dB, is considered to be pilot pollution. Solution: control the wireless environment, the pilot had to reduce coverage; reduce the need for pilot power; optimize the physical parameters of the antenna; reduce pilot pollution approach: draw all the base stations in the region covered by the pilot plan and specify all been covered PN, or use simulation tools for wireless transmission pilot power and antenna physical parameters to adjust a test; remove the pilot does not need to make the original pilot pollution area have led frequency.
Loss: difficult for them to flirt with the struggle between Yahoo and Microsoft; previous two compete with each other to spend a lot of strength, so that they are difficult to fight against their own Google; Microsoft is now technology has greatly improved competitiveness, after all, Yahoo, the company now can choose the most good search technology, and with acclaimed Bing to use. Next: So far so normal, Google earlier this domain in the search never let up, and now the cooperation between the two rivals, Googles stress may be a little bigger, but this is a good thing after a few years, so far everything is still mastery. Obtained: advertising budget finally have a decent second option was; and the effectiveness of display type ad saying there will be a new wave, although the environment is poor, hard to say the future will eventually make the network advertisers favor. Lost: advertisers and the relationship between the two companies will become more complicated in the coming months because the original window for cooperation may be transferred to the new faces, these are not a big problem, but would be more trouble spots.

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