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Shenzhen library opened, the museum took the lead in the use of advanced Rfid system management. By Rfid system, can also book through self-help books, books, self sorting, automatic collation bent, self-inventory of collections, library and intelligent anti-theft alarm and a series of automated RF management functions. Symbol Technologies and its partners recently built party Information Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as the China Post Shanghai Posts large parcels to provide RFID tracking technology. Parcels from the post office in Shanghai, delivered to all sorting centers in the process of Symbols RFID technology enabled Shanghai Post to automatically track their status. Analysys International data show that: the domestic sales of RFID market in the second quarter of 2005 226 million third quarter of 2005 rose to 5.68 billion yuan, increased rate of 151.13 percent, is growing rapidly, growth is mainly due to the current RFID accounted for the largest market share in China, the second generation ID card replacement significantly faster sales growth in Stride. From a technical point of view, the application of RFID middleware has a role in promoting growth. RFID is based on distributed processing software, terminals and server-side application to play a role in RFID hardware and play an intermediary role between applications. In RFID applications, middleware, RFID reader control equipment on the one hand to work the way as planned, to ensure that different communication and coordination between the read-write device; the other hand, data processing and transmission of the filter according to certain rules or filter data, and then the required data to the system server, or information systems background. Application of middleware technology also reduces the
Quality rice network is well-known producer Wang Lifen created Internet TV platform, serving the high-end knowledge base. Quality rice network to auction by the auction, buying time heavyweight celebrities, the auction of donated public welfare fund ... ... This "celebrity auction time" as a new concept and manner of the conquest of the hundreds of millions of Internet users, as The most popular new Web site. As at present, Liu, Shi Yuzhu, Kai-fu Lee, Ma, Mr Yu and other famous entrepreneurs guest quality rice network, talked about the business of the Road, business management, the growth of the road. The Pentium-M notebook is designed for tailor-made chips, not only can reduce the power consumption, but also made for wireless computer optimization. Intels Don MacDonald, director of mobile platforms, said, Pentium-M is expected before the end of 2003 to become the companys mainstream notebook chips. Prescott desktop chip will be joined LaGrande security technology and Hyper-Threading feature. Hyper-Threading P4 chip has been added, allowing a single chip as two chips to use. Pentium-M not have these two functions.

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