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Part No. : A6817SEP
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Allegro MicroSystems
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As a high-speed scanners, Founder Z825 scanning speed is considerable, with a flatbed scanner and ADF scan double-platform advantages, making the fastest multi-page scanning up to 25PPM, thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of the office. The scanner tray structure of professional design, enables better image focus jam even lower. The document processing order of magnitude different from the traditional high sweep products, can be placed wider than A4 paper, one can put up to 50 pages of documents, and significantly reduce the number of repeated actions into the file, making the operation more worry and effort. At the same time, both the number of Founder Z825 also features intelligent operation and convenient, making routine office more convenient and fun. It can be a stack of blank pages in your presentation automatically deleted, the document will be tilted to the horizontal scan automatically adjust the direction of the work thus save time. In addition, the scanner front panel control settings also makes scanning a breeze, the user can use it to select the scan before the start of each operating mode, and adjust the brightness and contrast, the batch file to meet the requirements of the same scan, if the user needs to bulk continuous scanning documents for the same file, the built-Start button will be very useful and makes the operation more convenient.
Among the many users look forward to a long period of time, Black Edition AM2 Dual-Core 5000 + processor, Zhongguancun has finally arrived, but the controversy over the price of 990 yuan, of course, some users do not lock frequency and questioned without a fan. Began to care about players from the 5000 + Black Edition dual-core processor in the end box is not super-premium? In fact the black version does not lock the multiplier is AM2 dual-core processor 5000 + boxed the biggest bright spot, this design will help users easily fool overclocking, overclocking not only reduces the degree of difficulty, but also reduces the risk of overclocking. Second Black Edition AM2 Dual-Core 5000 + processor with no fan of boxed main purpose is to make the user more freedom of optional fan cooling capacity, not deliberately withheld, the most important upgrade is still three years free warranty. Overclocking from the previous term, many Black Edition AM2 Dual-Core 5000 + 3.4GHz processor can easily achieve high-frequency, one stroke beyond the dual-core 6400 + processor, can also be understood in disguise to save nearly 900 yuan.

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