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Analysts believe that, based on the continued refinement of products and the safety of the continuous efforts, already award-winning IPS gain another victory today, named "e-commerce service consumer satisfaction", no doubt IPS to pay the consumer seems to have become the first choice for online electronic payments. Alibaba Group, the local government in Guangzhou jointly organized with the fourth network goods fair in Guangzhou will start in June this year. According to reports, 2009 will be the hot cargo net effect, making the beginning of 2010, small and medium enterprises from across the country will have three scheduled throughout the year Ali, cargo net fair booth, and goods will be locked for the enterprise network to expand throughout the year vast domestic market, one of the important strategies. "Fourth network goods will continue and further the purpose of the first three activities, through the cargo net full of SMEs and Internet retailers to develop domestic market and further achieve Ali Baba" based on the eastern part of the radiation "strategic objective." Ali Ma, Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board pointed out that "the role of network goods should be more promotion of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta cities, come out, and then Network goods in China with full bloom."
Microsoft says virtualization security risk, it is hoped by limiting which versions of Vista to run in a virtual machine, so that only users with a technical background and enterprise customers can deploy virtualization technologies. In the Mac, virtual technology has become a consumer feature and many Mac users want to run the Home version of Vista. Microsoft said in an interview this week, still concerned about the security risks, but said it will modify the licensing rules, the choice left to the user. Windows Business Group director Scott said, virtual technology enthusiasts like the choice, we will respond to this feedback. Microsoft did not explain their attitudes change. In a statement released Tuesday, said Microsofts Windows licensing policies on the assessment, the final decision announced last fall that we will maintain the policy change.

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