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"Deficit" will die and the last was out of the market that the future growth of IT market depends on the actual business firms for the users understanding and support capabilities. More IT vendors in 2005 will actively engage in corporate restructuring to adapt to customer needs and market changes. For China, the challenges of IT vendors in 2005, will come from innovation, resource integration capability, the ability to grasp customer needs and market control aspects of stage limitations, in addition, the macroeconomic objective of monetary policy adjustment factors and it will make some companies in the process is in serious difficulties. The successful transformation of the company that will be the biggest winner in the future market. CDMA Development Group announced in 2004, CDMA2000 continues to expand worldwide, the new CDMA2000 network 31, 60 million new users. In 2004, CDMA2000 industry breakthrough in the two off: July, more than 100 million users; by the end of the 53 countries in 107 CDMA2000 operators to provide services to 145 million users. For the year is also high-speed CDMA2000 1xEV-DO to a year of transition, the introduction of advanced multimedia applications and multi-standard interoperability issues made significant progress.

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