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Part No. : A2982SLW
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Manufacturer : Allegro MicroSystems
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We reported the 64-bit Celeron M520 processor, 80GB hard drive Haier A61 notebook. Today, dealers hit by the price of 3850 yuan, 3,999 yuan this notebook has dropped by 150. Appearance, Haier A61 14.1-inch widescreen design highlight run clear mirror, 16:10 aspect ratio, resolution up to 1280 800. Advanced low-reflection flat full multi-coating technology to effectively solve the light scattering within the current LCD and external light reflection of the problem, not only help alleviate eye fatigue, and 400:1 high contrast, can bring real great vision, help to highlight the effect of the performance of the screen. Configuration, Haier A61 Celeron M520 processor, Intel Celeron M520 processor using 65nm process technology, 1.6GHz frequency, 1MB secondary cache, 533MHz front side bus, based on the Merom architecture, provides full support for 64-bit, Motherboard Intel 943GML Chipset, Intel GMA950 integrated graphics; with 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, built-in combo drive that can fully meet the needs of students and office users.
It is understood that the system vendors and manufacturers of terminal equipment level, system manufacturers to ensure that its docking system and guarantee the quality of end products produced by its own set-top box market share in the total proportion of the IPTV system to prevent the use of the program leaked by terminal manufacturers to its competitors and other issues related to self-interest, do not want and more terminal manufacturers with its docking system, and terminal manufacturers who wish to work with the docking system, system manufacturers need to conduct business negotiations, each system manufacturers to pay cost of the corresponding result in the transfer of technology in the development phase of the heavy financial burden. The high cost of the terminal operators for the promotion of IPTV, it is relatively heavy burden.

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