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Link in the network design, the core of our office buildings, real estate companies, goods and materials center, electrical laboratory, three civil engineering teams, instrument teams, two teams for the network installation of diode nodes. Laying out of the six fiber optic cable, respectively, to reach the several regions, the company completed the laying of trunk lines. Information point in the other operations where the network team the third layer. We used UTP copper wiring, which saves the investment, but also ensure the 100M network rate. In the device of choice, we choose the worlds most advanced networking products and CISCO HPs server system to ensure stable and reliable network platform to run. In the network center, we use three HP enterprise server clusters built the companys servers, relying on its powerful processing power, storage capacity for the companys various business services. The backbone of the network layer, we have adopted the companys 3550 three-CISCO switch module with 16 access routers and PIX515 firewall 2621, to provide the companys wire-speed switching between different network segments as well as external nodes and INTERNET access access. Tandem in the network layer and access layer, we selected the companys 2950 CISCO network switches. Use of the device, according to the requirements of the company, the management mode to adjust the network management structure, ensuring the sharing of resources between different sectors while protecting confidential within the department.
Thompson: We always have a view that is difficult and you contend with Microsofts marketing. But you can easily compete with their products, I think Microsofts products, Norton Internet Security SWAT is affecting the performance of the product. Vista is a terrible product, it is Microsofts global re-adjustment of the clock, and the IT industry, the pace of other vendors. Q: You have talked about, Microsoft is an important influential companies, you talked about Oracle, IBM, EMC, Cisco are aware of the security on the importance of their current business. You are worried about any of these big guys that can steal away your business?

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