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93C46M8 Datasheet | Microchip Technology
Part No. : 93C46M8
Description : 256 Bit/1K 5.0V CMOS Serial EEPROM
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Microchip Technology
File Size : 433 Kb

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Can consider this situation - you need to read two queries A and B from the data - may write to the table from the data acquisition value of C, and D for you to write to the behavior of the table to keep an audit record. In such cases, your code may be as follows: ] ] To A opens a connection to execute the query A, and fill a data set as A close a connection ] ] ] open a connection to B to execute the query B, and fill a data set ] Close a connection to B to C to open a connection ] ] ] to D opens a connection from the A and B using the detailed data obtained by updating C ] audit did update D ] marked off C off D ]
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