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Part No. : 82C861
Description : BUS CONTROLLER
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BEA WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is designed to enable enterprises to quickly and more cost-effectively deploy, scale and manage software assets, resulting in greater flexibility and adaptability. It has a solid foundation to the WebLogic Server and BEAs Liquid VM Java virtual machine together. Which allows Java applications to run more efficiently on virtualized hardware. BEA unique approach to virtualization to eliminate redundancy and system memory on the stack of unused features to help enable applications to run directly in the management procedures. This device is a lightweight middleware package, its purpose is to achieve minimum configuration and maximum adaptability, and thus to achieve higher hardware utilization. This approach brought by the new deployment method, you can reduce operational costs, flexibility to add computing resources to meet todays dynamic SOA services and extreme transaction processing applications.
At the same time, the new housewife software also adds many new features, such as retail POS, cards, postage-sharing, price tracking, sales commission, so as to meet the emerging small and medium enterprises in recent years, some new requirements. 366 from the first trial series, the old housekeeper brilliant feedback from users point of view, more in line with a new generation of housewife software management needs of growing small, and its emphasis on "digital business" concept to promote more active use of information tools for SMEs within the enterprise to establish a timely, accurate and rapid response of the enterprise management "digital nervous system", and lead small and medium enterprises into the digital business age.

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