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Secondly, from the perspective of business operations, the grand now both the development of casual games, MMORPG, or have experienced a bottleneck. For the MMORPG games, we recognized that the operator-branded products and not, so if there is no agency or research and development welcomed by the users of the game, in the competitive market situation, short-term revenue will be affected. Shanda online games free of charge in some future, and no good to open up new profit channels, so the further consolidation of the existing online games business, need to increase for new forms of investment products and services to find new profit sources.
China Telecom Operation direction to the whole business becomes clear, for the region is the new new entrants or operators, because the underlying network resources and market resources of the disadvantages of new technology expected to enter the market to quickly form a variety of services provided capabilities and flexible business model and quickly occupied the market to attract new customers for the business. Therefore, the starting point of its network construction is often taken to the development strategy of simple and clear as possible in the organizational structure of the network quickly to provide integrated services. Next-generation network has gradually become high expectations of the forward-looking network technology solutions. PHS advantage of the price hard to beat competitors in the near future. Demand from the business point of view, 3 years can not be replaced by 3G. From an investment point of view, 3 years or so profit margins for investors is acceptable. Perhaps because of the license pending payment date, after the General Assembly in several rounds of 3G, but replaced PHS 3G, mobile communications market in the near future become the most eye-catching term.

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