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Added: First, of course, you can access the wireless ADSL router line WAN port, and then pick wireless router wired router LAN port. Although the two devices so that the routing functions have been used, but its drawback is obvious. This desktop PC connected to the Internet to go through two routes, the experience gained in practice is that, after routing to share broadband Internet access speeds will be slower for some, but here go through two routes, speed will be slower; and notebook computers and desktop computers will be in two different segments, the configuration was cumbersome and mutual access to both.
Microsoft plans for its first half of 2004 in the United States, Germany, Britain, China Taiwan, Japan and China Technology Center Gemplus card reader and software installation. Visit the companys business will see Gemplus smart cards with personal computers secure login, digital issue of e-mail, virtual private network remote login through the display of such items. Microsofts group program manager Brian Groth said: "We see large enterprise customers are increasingly looking to the smart card and security technology to have more understanding. These technologies in an environment to support Windows-based personal signature and authentication. We happy to demonstrate the use of these technology solutions, but also attached great importance to the support of Gemplus, a smart card is to provide hardware and software to make this possible. " World, many companies are increasingly concerned about the application of smart card, badge system expected to enhance the safety of employees and flexibility. Gemplus hand made by the Frost & Sullivan, "American Enterprise Security System" shows in the survey of the Fortune Global 500 companies, 30% of the company is the safety of their use or test the system using smart cards. Moreover, the survey group plans to more than one-third of its business within the next three years the use of smart card security systems.

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