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Computer programs that run automatically at startup settings and security-related add-ons IE, IE configuration changes through the IE program download files and programs, such as ActiveX controls and software installation and other services and drivers and any programs that start running the application of these procedures Program registration file Windows add-ons or gadgets If you prefer, you can let Windows Defender prompts the user to the risk that no deal with hierarchical classification of software. Users can also specify the Windows Defender icon in the display. By default, only Windows Defender detects suspicious activity will display icons, but users can also be allowed to have displayed.
4. Integration of resources, establishment of Associations of small companies, large companies to establish brand chain. Only through such joint ventures, influence and social status will improve, their fish will be trampled upon, not as now united, help each other. Anonymous, Source: IDC, Editor: Zhang Yan Jun ,2008-06-02 05:00 China quake impact of the overall IT market, although negative, but the impact is very small, post-disaster reconstruction and Implications for the earthquake in the next 3 years brought about a rebound in the IT market. IDC expects 2009 to 2011 than originally forecast growth rate of IT spending increase of 1% -2%. Sichuan region of China, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake, earthquake and subsequent aftershocks caused major casualties of the district staff and infrastructure, a great loss, but also affected areas in Sichuan and Chongqing, the normal production and life of the people, the region and the the development of the national economy had an impact on the development of IT market has had an impact. IDC on the earthquake in China on Chinas macro economy and the impact of IT market and make the following assessment and prediction.

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