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In packaging and testing plant in Shanghai and Chengdu, Intel introduced the international EHS management practices, including water treatment, air emissions and production safety. In the Shanghai plant, waste recycling rate reached 66%, through the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology has also reduced the production process the use of chemicals. Shanghai Municipal Government Shanghai became the designated facility environmental, health and safety education base. Intel plant in order to ensure solid waste reached the international advanced level, Intel and Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau to work closely for the first time by inter-provincial transportation of chemical waste approach to Tianjin for processing; In addition, the Chengdu factory also invested considerable resources on their suppliers were EHS education. Intel EHS is responsible for the behavior of the initiative, access to the Shanghai and Chengdu, government and environmental sectors acclaim. It is understood that Intels Dalian plant will be a green model. Dalian plant in Chinas first 300-mm silicon wafers with chips, comparable 200 mm silicon wafers more than 60% of the energy saving and water. Intel will use the "exact copy", the full implementation of Intel in the U.S., Europe and Asia, implemented by other factories in the environmental health and safety strategy. Factory buildings will be designed to meet the energy requirements of the Protocol LEEDS, will become a model for other parts of China.
Last week, Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell said Microsoft failed to pass the price on the strong results reflected the disappointment in the current price of the stock buy-back "absolutely compelling." Riddle of the above comments consistent with Microsoft, "as long as the performance is good, the share price will rise from the" point of view at odds. Microsoft has been actively buy back shares. In 2006, Microsoft developed a 5-year period at 36.2 billion U.S. dollars invested for the stock repurchase program. Under the program, Microsoft can then buy back 3 billion U.S. dollars in stock. Microsoft said that once completed the stock repurchase program, the Board will re-formulate the next step of the share repurchase program.

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