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74VHC32 Datasheet | STMicroelectronics
Part No. : 74VHC32
Description : QUAD 2-INPUT OR GATE
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
File Size : 53 Kb

74VHC32 Article About

Intrusion detection products on the market there are hundreds of large and small, how to choose their own products, is a security administrator and placed in the majority of enterprise technology decision-makers in front of a very troublesome thing. Here we are depending on the products overall performance, to talk about the basic principles of the procurement process. 1. The product number of the number of attack detection? Whether to support the upgrade? The main indicators of IDS is that it means that the number of the invasion, almost every week there are new vulnerabilities and attack methods appear, the product is flexible upgrade to its features directly affect the play. A good real-time detection products should be regularly upgraded, and through the Internet or download the upgrade package in the local upgrade.
Now the products are popular dual-core configuration, with separate dedicated audio chip to provide the audio decoder in order to bring better audio quality performance, but also be able to save more energy for the system to ensure the smooth operation of the system as a whole and more long power life. The sound quality as the main selling point Zengyi Philips chip has gradually rare, the new trends and technological development of the market, the EU has become a global company wins the choice of prior agreement, the independent Wolfson audio DAC in the worlds major important product manufacturers, including Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox and other products are a significant number of heavyweight chosen Wolfson, the chip performance has been the worlds recognition. As the music plays as the main aspirations of MP3 products, select the Wolfson DAC to improve sound quality more important to have a meaning, this time we brought from around the world to iconic products, Products especially the audio, but also the ability to provide reference for everyone to buy.

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