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74VHC08M Datasheet | STMicroelectronics
Part No. : 74VHC08M
Description : QUAD 2-INPUT AND GATE
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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From the technical point of view to achieve, fragroute and fragrouter similar. And fragroute different is that it deals only with the local host to send data traffic to the remote host does not support packet forwarding, it will not turn on the local host IP forwarding. Before the introduction fragroute, we must first introduce some fragroute implementation technologies, which are mainly at the network layer and transmission control layer. In addition, there are some applications of the technology application layer, but not much to do in this article will go into details. If you would like more information, see Insertion, Evasion and Denial of Service: Eluding Network Intrusion Detection, IDS Evasion Techniques and Tactics, IDS Evasion with Unicode, A Look At Whiskers Anti-IDS Tactics and Polymorphic Shellcodes vs. Application IDSs, etc. document.
Cover the surface of the generally satisfactory robustness, I press hard on the roof when the central authorities, the aircraft did not cover any depression, and liquid crystal display surface water wave conditions did not appear. F213T screen cap with the traditional double-locking design, although the lack of some elements of fashion, but also more prudent to ensure the safety and reliability of fastening the top cover. The 14-inch LCD carrier F213T resolution of 1280 800, after a trial period of time, we think its higher brightness and color performance of law-abiding, a black screen at the bottom of the screen when there is a slight whitening phenomenon, but also in normal range, and the vast majority of books weve tested, and no significant difference in comparison. The screen frame, the distribution of the black rubber gasket 5 can effectively prevent the roof part of the force caused by the friction between the screen and keyboard are damaged. Shaft side, F213T with a half-sunken design, which to a certain extent, reduce the thickness of the notebook body, but F213T screen to open more than 180 degrees, compared to other products have a greater opening and closing angle.

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